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ATEX Approved

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ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ATEX 100a) is applicable on products used in explosion hazardous zones. This directive also covers non electrical products, like our diaphragm pumps. From July 2003, it is mandatory within the EU to have ATEX certificate on products which are intended for use in EX-zones.

There are three main categories (zones) in the ATEX directive:

  • CAT 1 (zone 0), flammable material present continuously or for long periods
  • CAT 2 (zone 1), flammable material present occasionally in normal operation
  • CAT 3 (zone 2), flammable material present in abnormal conditions for short periods


Selected Blagdon FDA compliant pumps have been approved to meet the EC 1935/2004 regulation for food contact materials. This regulation, which is commonly associated with products that come in contact with food, ensures that products being pumped will not experience contamination from the pump construction materials. Look for the glass and fork symbol below which indicates certification. For more information, please contact the Blagdon Facility in Shannon.


Blagdon has implemented and maintains a management system which fulfills the requirements of the I.S. EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Certificates applied for at time of manufacture

3.1B Test Certificate

Blagdon Pump maintains traceability of products from initial source of supply, into stock, right through to despatch to the customer. We can supply a full chemical test certificate to BS EN 10204 3.1B.

Clean Pump Certificate

If any used pumps/parts need to be returned a Clean Pump Certificate needs to be completed before the goods are returned. This certificate states that the returned pump/parts have been fully cleaned and decontaminated of any pumped product. This service is compulsory on all returned goods, which have been in operation, to ensure the health and safety of Blagdon personnel. Once completed this form can be either included with the returned goods or faxed to the Blagdon UK office.

Material Conformity Certificate

This certificate states the material composition of a pump for all of the major components. Also includes the serial number and the pump model number.

Assembly Test Certificate

All Blagdon Pumps are tested before they leave our premises following the guidelines within our documents HG-CF-468, HG-CF-469, HG-CF-470 and HG-CF-471. This document states the miniumum and maximum performance tolerances acceptable.

Hydrostatic Test Certificate

This certificate records the results achieved during a hydrostatic test in which the pump is subjected to 1.5 times maximum operating pressure. No external leakages are acceptable from any joints for the duration of the test. This test follows the work instructions stated within our works instruction document WI-FA-147 Rev B.

Declaration of Conformity Certificate

The Declaration of Conformity Certificate demonstrates that Blagdon conforms to the European Directive for machinery safety. Also includes serial and the pump model number.

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