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Export Compliance

Export License Requirements

Important Information on Export Licence Requirements

Export License Letter

Export Licence Letter

The information within this letter is designed to give the customer a brief overview of the Export Licence system, and to advise as to what is required when making a Licence application, together with why an Export Licence is necessary.

Restricted Countries

CB2 Country List

A list of countries currently restricted from importing Kynar/PTFE/Hastelloy C pumps - commonly know as CB2 countries (Chemical/Biological Group 2). This list is constantly being updated, therefore any countries listed/not listed will be changed at anytime without prior notice, and unfortunately, the updating/changing of countries in any way before the licence is approved will cause delays.

Annex 'A' to Form EUU01

Covering Letter

This is a model covering letter for the end-user undertaking, and must be completed on original company headed paper, and signed by the same person completing all other documents.

End User Undertaking 1

End User Undertaking

The End-User Undertaking 1, is used to describe the type of pump required, together with the purpose of which the goods are to be used, together with the end product produced.

End User Undertaking 2

The End-User Under 2, is a form which contains declarations to certify that the goods are to be used only for the purpose as described in section 3 on End-User Undertaking 1.

Help Notes

Help Notes

The Help Notes produced by Blagdon Pump Holdings Limited, are designed as a guide to help and advise the customer as to common pitfalls encountered when completing the End-User Undertaking forms. They contain useful information relating to quoting correct reference numbers, pump description, and purpose of use.

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