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Company Brochure (2012 Edition)

The complete 36 page catalog for Blagdon Pump's products and services, in downloadable PDF Format (8.5 MB file)

What makes Blagdon Pump Your Best Value?

Blagdon Pump can offer products for every fluid transfer application. In one such application the use of Blagdon products reduced downtime from component wear by approximately 40% resulting in annual savings of £4,905.00. The chart on the back helps you calculate your total cost of ownership.

Wastewater Industry

Suitable Applications: Water & Wastewater

Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

For safe and efficient handling of fluids in CHEMICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL applications.

Blagdon Conductive Polypropylene Pumps

Blagdon B10 Pump

Suitable Applications: Car wash oil & lube, foaming, chemical batching & dosing, adhesive, OEM, drum and pail transfer

Blagdon PTFE ATEX Approved Pumps

Suitable Applications: Chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, petrochemical

Blagdon Full Flow 2:1 Pumps

Suitable Applications: Filter press, waste water, high pressure discharge, long pipe runs, slurry transfer, mine dewatering, viscous materials, resins, ceramics, paints & inks, food & beverage

Blagdon Sanitary & Hygienic Pumps

Suitable Applications: Food, dairy, beverages, biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care

Kit Selector Chem Guide